Holiday cancellation insurance

Put your mind at ease on holiday - no-risk cancellation

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Why not take out one of the insurance policies offered by our partner insurance company, Europäische Reiseversicherung, in order to ensure you are covered for any financial losses that you might incur if you are forced to cancel or break off your stay for an important reason (such as illness, accident, unemployment)?

No-loss cancellation from only € 6.00:

Cancellation insurance is the best way to protect yourself against any financial risk that might arise if you cancel your booking or break off your holiday.

Total peace of mind cover from only € 9.00:
Cancellation-plus insurance gives you total holiday cover. As well as protecting you if you need to cancel your holiday, this policy covers return transport to your home in case of illness, emergency medical care (statutory medical insurance cover does not include return transport in such cases), your luggage and your bicycle.

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