Use the local public transport - for free!

As a guest, in addition to your guest card, you will receive the VRM guest ticket in some companies, which will allow you to use the bus and train free of charge throughout the area of ​​application of the VRM (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel).

To give you a better overview, we show below the map of the scope:

- VG Bad Breisig


You should know the following things:

When is the VRM guest ticket valid?
The VRM guest ticket is valid for the duration of your stay in the VRM. Only the data entered by your host will apply.

Is the VRM ticket transferable?
Your individual VRM guest card is not transferable, only you personally are allowed to take advantage of the ticket during your stay.

Can you also buy the VRM guest ticket?
No, you can not buy the VRM guest ticket. You can only get it through your host.

Is there anything else to consider?
Please always carry the guest ticket and this information sheet with you during your stay - as well as a valid ID.

Terms of use Bus & Train
The accommodation companies in the VRM area participating in the VRM guest ticket will provide you with a special service during your stay! You will receive a VRM guest ticket from your accommodation provider. This ticket entitles to use public transport in the area of ​​the VRM free of charge. Per person a guest ticket must be carried.
1. The guest ticket is valid only in public transport of the VRM (in 2nd class trains - 
not in IC or ICE trains)

2. The guest ticket is only valid if completed (name and place of residence of the guest with
arrival and departure date must be registered)
If the departure day can not be determined in advance,
your host will enter the expected date of departure. If you stay longer than expected, you will receive
a new ticket.

3. Subsequent changes on the VRM guest ticket invalidate the Ticket.

4. The guest ticket is valid for the passenger transport. The bicycles are taken on weekdays after
9 o'clock, on Sundays and public holidays all day free of charge - as far as the capacities of the vehicles allow.

5. The respective tariff regulations of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel (VRM) apply to the   transport of  animals - in closed boxes, the entrainment is free of charge, otherwise a reduced    single ticket for the corresponding travel distance would be additionally to be solved.

6. The guest ticket is only valid together with a valid official photo ID of the person named on the ticket.

7. The guest ticket is not transferable.

8. Further information is available from your host, in the local tourist-information and on the internet at

Remember also: When leaving the VRM area by bus and train you have to solve a so-called
connection ticket

Under the following link you can find possible connections by bus and train: 

Below you will find the currently participating companies that will provide their guests with the VRM guest ticket as of 01.04.2018:

Hotel Zur Mühle***s
Koblenzer Straße 15
53498 Bad Breisig
Tel.: 02633 - 20060

- VG Bad Breisig

Hotel Rhein-Residenz***s
Rheinufer 1
53498 Bad Breisig
Tel.: 02633 - 473526

- VG Bad Breisig

Hotel Rheinischer Hof***
Rheinufer 2
53498 Bad Breisig
Tel.: 02633 - 471482

- VG Bad Breisig

Hotel Niederée
Zehnerstraße 2
53498 Bad Breisig
Tel.: 02633 - 45700

- VG Bad Breisig

Ferienwohnung Rheinufer im Kurpark*****
Koblenzer Straße 37
53498 Bad Breisig
Tel.: 02636 - 807431

- VG Bad Breisig

Ferienwohnung Rheinuferpalais im Kurpark*****
Tempelgasse 5
53498 Bad Breisig
Tel.: 02636 - 807431

- VG Bad Breisig

Ferienhaus KIWI
Amselweg 6
56656 Brohl-Lützing
Te.: 02633 - 8089996

- VG Bad Breisig

Ferienwohnung Degen
Biergasse 9
53498 Bad Breisig
Tel.: 02633 - 95258

- VG Bad Breisig

Ferienwohnung Bergkönig
Königsberger Straße 33a
53498 Bad Breisig
Tel.: 0177 - 7525600

- VG Bad Breisig