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The Doll Museum Bad Breisig (called Puppenmuseum in German language) is located in the lovely riverside town of Bad Breisig in Germany, and hosts one of the finest collections in the world of antique porcelain head dolls manufactured in the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. It is referenced in specialised books and magazines, and visited regularly by antique doll and toy enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.

The museum displays around 400 items of historical significance. The most appreciated exhibits are the dolls in their many types, materials and manufacturers. They are made of wood, wax, porcelain, celluloid or composite, and are mainly German and French, but there are also a few English and Japanese. You can appreciate their grace and detail in the pages of this website, or come for a visit to see them live.

The collection also includes doll houses where everything is represent to the utmost detail, including living rooms with 10 cm sofas and kitchens with 2 cm pots and pans. Other ancient toys and many epoch decorations make the full set. Oh! Don't forget the teddy bears! Germany has a long tradition of producing plush animals, namely by the Steiff company, and some of them live in Bad Breisig.

Bad Breisig is a small thermal town on the river Rhein located precisely halfway between the former capital of Western Germany - the culturally rich university town of Bonn, and the lively city of Koblenz. The Rhein is one of the rivers which shaped the development of inland Europe, flowing from the Alps through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the western regions of Germany and then Holland where it empties in the North Atlantic.

In this lovely simple town and only a short 50 meters from the Rhein lies the Doll Museum Bad Breisig. The museum is located in a very special building: the old town hall built in 1873/74 after the french-prussian war of 1870/71. It is an austere and sturdy building well representing those times. The building itself and the way the collection is displayed brings forth the atmosphere of the magnificent end of the 19th century and opens a door to the time when our grandparents were children.

The museum opens on special occasions, namely when Bad Breisig celebrates a special event or there is a town market. In case you'd like to visit outside of those dates and times, you can write to the e-mail address below and the museum staff will contact you back.


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